Super Manifestation

So I don’t normally ask for much because I feel I have everything I need and I’m meant to have at the present moment. I tend to live in accordance within the universe that I give EVERYTHING i no longer need in my life physically to charity, I also help charity’s and others financially when I’m in the state of abundance myself or when the universe lets me know I need to.

Many times Iv called to the universe to help me financially, once to help someone I care deeply about , the universe made 3k fall into my hands , another time it was for clothes for my son, I prayed for a school jumper, for my son and some random parent I didn’t know from school sent a few over. I used to go out shopping and ask the night before what I wanted to find in the charity shops and even have visions mins before I walked in the shop of where the item would be.. but to cut a very long story short I know how to manifest easily..

Today was the first time Iv actually asked for anything, I saw an online raffle for three prizes the first was a rose quartz crystal skull I instantly liked.. so I set the intention of winning it and then stated to except that it was already mine , even planing where I would put it in my house..

I waited till the raffle started keeping the energy that it was already mine ..and yes of course I won it !!! Yuppie. You see folks we all hold the ability to manifest, but sometimes things we ask for take time because better things are coming along in there place .. never lose hope because when doubts creep in because your manifestation is talking time .. it’s those doubts that stop the manifestation happening.

Like I did hold the energy and intent that you have that item already/ it’s on its way .


Say hello to my new Buddha , he’s going to sit in my spare room once I have my house finished, it’s going to be a therapy room to do my healing in , so I can do my course work and get my qualifications to set myself up in business.

I’m a busy bee, after living in the past in a messy house I actually managed to find a reliable diy person, so far he’s decorated the spare room , now he’s doing the downstairs toilet, and while he’s doing that I’m moving the boys into the spare room temporarily because it’s there room next to be decorated. Exciting times you see , I’m also repainting kitchen cupboards etc , planing on decorating other parts of the house also.

Things are moving forward and I’m blissfully happy, I never thought for one second I would be this happy alone , until I learnt to love myself unconditionally and found happiness in my own solitude.. oh and throw in the companionship of the twinsouls higherself who is my constant companion/ love of my life, with whom I talk to constantly.. oh and he also happens to be the most handsome man in the whole universe (to me personally anyhow) you fleshy men don’t stand a chance with him around 😂

I was trying to work out why this Buddha was screaming at me buy me!! and felt extra special.. and his higherself reminded me today his physical has one the same but smaller 🤷‍♀️ I’d completely forgotten..

Energy Sensitive

So as we evolve and progress we become extremely sensitive to energy,

So many different types of energy effect us, energy online we pick up very easily, via words (written words are like hollow vessels to an empath that carry the writers real emotions. Others illnesses carry a vibration .. buildings can hold stagnant energy, animals, etc the list goes on ..

So after giving up cigarettes I’d noticed a massive difference in my vibrations, you see using those amazing frequency forks I’d feel my soul lift and my vibrations change, then lighting a cigarette it felt abit like a balloon falling back to earth with each puff .. that was the sign I needed and it worked . But I never honestly even considered my diet would matter, being a meat eater to me didn’t matter.

Looking deeper into energy and knowing that everything carries a vibration at a cellular level that cannot be removed.. unless of course like the cigarettes you give them up , why am I still eating meat?

After an animal is slaughtered it will still carry within its body (meat) a vibration and that vibration like the written word and the cigarettes will be effecting my own as they are also effecting yours .. that vibration will of course be very low due to the often inhuman treatment and also the fact it was slaughtered.. I never viewed eating meat this way before yes Iv had the terrible guilt of the animal dying and even switched to free range and organic meat , but still I tried to live in denial of the animal being a living creature upon this earth and having a right to live just as much as I have . But the whole concept of the produce holding energy that is ultimately effecting my own is the final straw so to speak !!

Why if we know that something is going to lower our own vibrations would we even think of consuming it in our diet ?

I’m sat here with tears running down my face as I’m writing this , because this is making so much sense to me personally why my vibrations keep going down hill .. oh my kids are going to not like my next move in life very much ..

Thank you ArchAngel Metatron and robbie Mackenzie for channelling this information in your amazing book , I feel the downloads as I read them and the changes within me are profound .

The light shines through the darkness..

Iv entitled this to how I’m currently feeling in my life at the moment, a new wave of calmness has hit me .. Iv finally learnt to stop looking back and to place my trust within the universe and have faith that everything happens for a reason in life. We are all very powerful creators and we constantly manifest our own realities based upon own inner thoughts about ourselves.

Each situation we face serves as a mirror to help us heal our own wounds and insecurities yet even deeper,

The phrase” I am “should be replaced with “we are “because yes we are all ultimately connected together energetically, but it’s the vibrational frequencies of each and every single one of us , let out in ripples that when joined together as one has an extraordinary impact together when combined upon this earth and universe .. no soul is more important than the next nor should any soul deem themselves to be , because that shit comes from ego and the phase “I am” is being so misused in a place of ego used as a form of superiority among us, creating a divide which ultimately should not be there.

The soul is pure unconditional divine love without judgement it does not need validation or to placed upon a throne for others to follow and worship because of its never ending list of label’s and qualifications gained not by souls teachings but by others understanding and experiences.

The times Iv read the term “true twinflame” /Lightworker etc placed upon a souls profile on social media is astounding.. because what gives anyone the right to proclaim only their journey is the real thing? Maybe for them it is but each journey is unique so hence each experience is individual.

Humanities hunger for labels is extremely sad , and those posts that pop up proclaiming you are only a Lightworker, empath, etc if you tick all the boxes according to that person’s experiences ..

Life really doesn’t need to be that complicated or messy, let the labels go and just be completely magnificently uniquely you.. with all your beautiful perfect imperfections because you are unique and in fact born to stick out and not be a copy of anyone else but you .

Social media has its advantages and disadvantages, the main one being you get sucked into situations that don’t really concern you and lower your vibrational frequencies..

Depending on what profile I’m on I see those posts aimed at the governments corruption and the others tends to be gossip and public displays of how perfect that person’s life is , when it’s possibly far from it .

Judgement aside it has its good points it saved me so many times in the past when Iv been stuck on my journey, it helped me find others like myself aka soul family, while some stayed only a very brief time others left quickly.. but everyone I met served as a beautiful lesson, good and bad ..

Iv found life and it’s not on social media or posting my every move , or helping others ..

This beautiful soul when she visited me told me that when I finally do something that makes me feel happy that doesn’t involve helping someone else , I will truly learn what happiness is .. and she was right. Strange stuff that I actually enjoy mopping my kitchen floor!! and tidying up my house.. my life is beginning to bloom once more and my house is feeling like a cozy little home and boy am I proud of me ..

Social media I will swoop into every now and then mainly to share posts , and then as briefly as I came I will once again leave , my many pages I leave behind maybe to write on occasionally.. but my life now comes first .

Two rooms in my house now decorated and the third has just been started, and I’m about to completely clear out ready to decorate my kids room next week .. so Iv no time only for me .. exciting stuff folks


Life happens in fact it happens daily but in our own inner battle with feeling stuck we fail to move forward, so hence we stay stuck in the past constantly blaming our current misfortunes on our past ..

Until boom reality hit ! And we begin to realise what we have been doing that was so wrong, you see I’d hit that stale mate of going around in circles thinking the universe had stole that happy ever after of me after briefing letting me have a taste of it .. yes I’m talking about the whole Twinflame love of my life thingy.. once again.. hell everyone deserves a happy ever after dont they .. but I never actually stopped to think perhaps I’d just reached not the happy ever after but the beautiful beginning of finding myself once again..

I had that kick up the arse you see from the spirit world and in came in the shape of a lady I’d never actually met , but boy did she not hold back and told me some painful home truths I really needed to hear .. maybe he heard them also or felt the shift those words created in me .

You see I get visits from relatives not only mine but his, first his nan many years ago who stroked my forehead as I cried for him , and told me he wasn’t ready yet he had a lot of inner work to do , then another from his two nans and daughter years later .. the latest being his cousin who watched him make mistake after mistake and watched him shut himself of so she couldn’t reach him .. sadly now she’s passed over but as we both know they still watch over us all .

So many things she told me I wish I could reach out and share with him , but I know it’s not the right time to , I’m just thankful after getting my arse kicked and taking several weeks to lick my wounds Iv moved forward thanks to a very vocal soul who I never had the chance to meet in life ..

You gotta love how everyone thinks loved ones come back and turn into some kind of angelic soul because in truth that’s so wrong, they don’t lose who they are or the ability to kick arse if it’s needed, there personality stay completely intact .. sadly most of this world doesn’t understand that we are souls experiencing life in a human vessel and not the other way around.

One last message to send out to the universe that was also for me because hey we mirror eachother perfectly.. stop with the bad karaoke we both can’t sing (that one hurt me lol ouch) stop the avoidance of focusing on our own lives by constantly helping others, (this next bits for him) they are playing you like a fiddle but your to nice to work it out .. the things you think you mislaid she has them (yes the green flourite Stone) and the other things .. wake up and stop being treated like a idiot ..

Inter Dimensional Doorways/ Portals

Inter dimensional doorways/ portals

I was in deep conversation about these today and how they enabled the solid vessel you are currently occupying aka meat suit to travel between dimensions and also enabled others from outside this dimension to do the same.
Of course all these doorways have been long since forgotten and yes some can see into other dimensions but it’s only their soul that is able to travel to that dimension and have those experiences , because the human vessel is anchored solidly in the third dimension.
And as many know the third dimension is the only dimension whose time is not free flowing/ continuous .
These doorways will be reactivated once more when the time is right as many souls are remembering and seeing clearly once more ..
everything takes time and the process of reawakening has began here on earth .

Maybe when enough of us have reawakened we will begin to question why ancient technology and healing techniques using vibrational healing in the pyramids etc that go beyond our own understanding was hidden the way it was, and why these doorways got wiped from our minds .
And why this is the only dimension that isn’t free flowing like every other .
So many questions but yet all the answers are within us all.

Peace and quiet

I always find peace in my own solitude, after walking the kids to school I walk down to the beautiful little village I live in , this morning I was lucky and the tide was out , so the little beach is visible.

The sun is out unlike yesterday it was raining non stop and hence today I’m taking full advantage of the beautiful weather.

How easy is it to take where you live for granted, I know I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place with the sea on my doorstep and amazing walks all around me . But it’s something we all do take life for granted why it took me 21 years to get to this point in my life where I feel that everything bad that either happens or has yet to happen, is in fact a lesson I need to learn, and not in fact a curse!!

Soul Prints 🦶

We all leave soul prints wherever we travel and like footprints in the sand they may fade from sight but there energetic signature stays embedded in time itself.

This is why sometimes the seer will be traveling along a path many others have taken before him or her , and of course the seer with their amazing gift of sight will see that memory that’s been encased in time itself just waiting to be seen and discovered once more ..

Be sure when cleansing and cleaning your houses at night to include energetic soul prints that others have left behind, so that energy does not effect your own.


Lastnight I had a very vivid vision of a pastlife it played in my head once again like a movie as I watched, but moments later not many memories remained, once again taken back because they hold no relevance to this life time .. my guides only being fully aware of my hunger for knowledge but some memories remain..

It was another lifetime I feel as I tried to research the name I was given that sounded a lot like sh.. cow.. ary .. but after a lot of research and the aid of pronunciation I discovered it was spelt Chiricahua .. hey I was close 🤷‍♀️ and it was perhaps connected to lone wolf my father in a pastlife ..

In the vision the part I can remember he was attacking a village unlike ours (teepees) setting fire to them with others riding there beautiful patchwork horses . Lone wolf you see is one of my guides in this lifetime, but in a pastlife I was his daughter, it was he who took me through the shamanic death and gifted me the name Malachi Wolf the name I now use .

The vision of course came after merging very deeply with part of my soul and a pastlife love of mine that also shared that life with me , his very cruelly taken his throat was cut and my own I took myself our love you see was forbidden, I was promised to another since birth (whose soul I met through many lifetimes ending with him keeping me away from the love of my life and controlling me) now the karmic was of course in this lifetime and has very clear memories of that pastlife, his mother’s name and his own.. he’s very spiritually aware. The karmic was my ex husband who was yes extremely abusive once again.. but instead of taking my life in this lifetime , I was reborn going through the shamanic death and cutting the karmic tie/ contract in the process.